Kiwi Fence Contractors LLC, has proudly been serving the Columbia Gorge area. We are based out of The Dalles , OR and are locally owned and operated. Licensed, bonded and insured in both Oregon and Washington. Our services cover all sizes and styles of fencing. If you are looking for a small residential or a large commercial install, we have the proper tools and experience to complete the job at hand. We use op of the line materials and have excellent customer service. Call us today so we can better guide you in your fencing prerequisites.

Looking to add some new curb appeal to your new home? Getting ready to sell? Or are you just wanting to add a new personal touch? Kiwi Fence Contractors LLC, has the knowledge and experience to better your home or property. If its privacy, security or decorative you’re looking for, we have the right style of fencing for you.

Chain Link

Kiwi Fence Contractors LLC, offers installation of residential and commercial grade chain link fencing in the Columbia Gorge Area. This includes Oregon and Washington. We offer many styles and accessories to choose from. Chain link will come in two different finishes. Our most popular is the galvanized steel, a silver colored finish. Our vinyl coated chain link, which comes in many colors to match its surroundings. Black, brown, green, blue, just to name a few. Accessories for the chain link would be slats. Those also come in many colors to choose from. We also offer pre slatted chain link.


We also offer installation of Wood Fencing. Are most popular is Cedar fencing, which comes in Dog Ear or Flat Top finishes. Cedar fencing is a great way to add some decorative privacy to your home. We offer a solid board or good neighbor, and many more custom designs you may think of. If it is a picket fence, wood with some hog panel, split rail, lodge pole or a repair we have the right tools and experience to complete the task at hand.

Deer Fence

Our deer fence has become quite popular over the years of business. We offer a woven, stiff stay wire. It comes in 6’6” height and 8’. Adding high tensile smooth wire is also an option one can choose to add to the deer fence. If it’s fencing around an orchard, vineyard or just keeping the deer out of your garden or home, we fence it all. This style of fencing is transparent so it blends in with any surrounding. Give us a call and we can design your style of deer fence today.


Kiwi Fence Contractors LLC, fabricates all gates at our shop so there’s no wait time with ordering specific size. We weld all our gates so it’s guaranteed to last. All of our gates come with the proper hardware specified for the style of gate you choose. Cantilever gates, roller gates, double swing and single swing gates. All of our gates will match the style of fence you decide on. May it be chain link, wood, deer fence wire, or just a pipe gate frame we will custom fabricate the gate to fit your needs.

Live Stock- electrical

The most common live stock fence we install is a 2”x4” field fence wire. This style of fencing will keep in horses, goats, lamas and alpacas.


Barb Wire

Looking for a cost-effective fence to set around your property or farm? Barb or barbless wire would be the way to go. We offer one to five stands of barb wire.

Dog Runs/ Dog Kennels

Looking for a permanent dog run or a heavy duty dog kennel that you can assemble or dissemble alone? We provide both.